Jazz at the HQ

Livestream, Hellkvist Headquarters

April 21st, 2021 6:00pm

I’ve been looking forward to this stream. Partly because I really enjoy the organ and drums format, partly because I get to play a lot of my own music. Daniel plays on both my records and we have a long history together, so there’s a lot of material to choose from.

We started out with the opening song from my latest album Becoming – Let’s get together. A nice groovy tune to get started. Then for an older composition of mine – more than 20 years. A tune I wrote while still in school, deicated to my girlfriend at the time. I still really enjoy playing Swing for Elina the the changes are still quite a challenge!

For Trinity’s 2011 release Get Out I made a reharmonization an arrangement for The shadow of your smile. It works well also for the duo so we have adopted it.

One of the first songs I made on the organ was Morgonkaffe (Morning coffee). Still enjoy playing it so much. It’s been with me almost all years and probably will be for many more.

Then for some 5/4 time. Jive Coffee, written by guitarist Peter Bernstein, is a variant of Tea for two. Drummers seem to love this song and Daniel is no exception. I do too, of course. However, there was was technichal issues while playing this song. The stand for the snare broke so Daniel had to run out to his car to get his own, in the middle of the concert! But it worked out.

One of my latest compositions is Fall. A sfoter tune with a film score feel. A little breathing room in this otherwise quite intense set. And after that, time to party again! Danslåten (The dancing song) is also an old song of mine that I still really like.

Earlier this winter I found a cool way to make the organ sound almost like a wahwah clavinet and starting working on a tune to incorporate the technique. Here’s the result – New funk. Yes, I will find another title eventually but this is the working name.

B3 boogie, my most viewed clip of 2020. It’s nice to play it with drums as well. Gives it another dimension. Last song of the set was my song Jesus. A nice way to end the show.

And then for the encore – a song decicated to Iceland. Tritlar is the name of a candy that we had a lot of during or tour there.



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Apan & Grisen

Andreas Hellkvist – organ

Daniel Olsson – drums

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