When I bought the B3 from Swedish Hammond in 2010, a life long dream came true! I also bought a leslie 142 at the same time. Nowadays I mostly use it with a Leslie 122. The bench in the picture is my foldable tour bench, not the original.

It was made in 1970 and originally sold in Sweden.

This is the organ I mostly try to bring to the gigs if the practical and economical cirumstances allow it.

I’ve used it on a number of gigs and recordings. Here are a few samples:

Records with Hammond B3 -71

Andreas Hellkvist – Becoming

Hammond B3 -71

Type: Tonewheel
Made in: 1971
Acquired: Aug 2010
Special features:

  • Switch for removing upper harmonics in pedals
  • Hamptone BBEQ overdrive unit
Upcoming gigs with Hammond B3 -71