Hammond XK5 Classic

Since I got the XK5 Classic, it has becomine my new primary alternative to the B3. It’s got the look and and sound but only half the weight.

Hammond B3 Custom

In 2012 I imported an organ from the states. It’s a chopped organ (probably an A100) with a custom built stand. It has the original bass and swell pedals but they’re both detachable. And – it also has built in LED lights!

It wasn’t in the best shape when I got it but I’ve been working on it, rebuilding the preamp, changing tramsformers. frequency converter and what not. And now it’s really starting to sound good! 

Here are a few streams from my studio

With Mad Artwork


Trinity playing “Sweet Georiga brown”

Apan & Grisen playing my song “Beat song”

Nord C2D

I got the Nord C2D when it came out in 2012. When I first saw it I was really amazed. Finally – an ultra portable organ with a full set of drawbars!

After trying it out knew I had to get one. The feel and the sound is really there – and you can bring it on a plane. It has become my primary alternative to the B3.

Since I got it I have used it quite extensively. It’s great when space is limited and you have to squeeze into a corner or similar. Especially in combination with the leslie 2103 (as seen below).

Some examples:


Hammond Composer 142

A B3 is always a B3 but I can’t help to feel there is something irresistably charming about these organs with colorful buttons, a rhythm box and sounds and effects that border between cool and awful.

So this is now officially the party organ of the collection. Perfect for playing Happy Hammond in the spirit av Klaus Wunderlich and other! It has drawbars for both the lower and upper manual and a built-in leslie.

There’ll be sound samples soon!

Hammond XK33c

The XK33c has been the portable alternative when I can’t bring the B3.

After a while I got tired of assembling and disassemling it on each gig (the upper and lower manual are separate).  I contacted  carptenter Magnus Caris in Orsa, Sweden and we custom designed a case so it always can be transported with the two manuals assembled. It has fold out legs, a special pocket för the half moon switch.

It really improved the usability if you always play with two manuals!

Here are also some videos:

Hammond A100

The A100 was my first tonewheel organ. I got it on Easter friday in 1997 after it had been renovated by Bryan Davenport, at the time residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. The gooey foam was removed by Malte Sjöstrand in 2007.

I used it quite extensively for a number of years but after I got the B3 it was mostly resting at home. This year it got renovated again and I’ve actually had on a few gigs. 

Below is an example:



Hammond B3 -70

When I bought the B3 from Swedish Hammond in 2010, a life long dream came true! I also bought a leslie 142 at the same time. Nowadays I mostly use it with a Leslie 122. The bench in the picture is my foldable tour bench, not the original.

It was made in 1970 and originally sold in Sweden.

This is the organ I mostly try to bring to the gigs if the practical and economical cirumstances allow it.

I’ve used it on a number of gigs and recordings. Here are a few samples: