The A100 was my first tonewheel organ. I got it on Easter friday in 1997 after it had been renovated by Bryan Davenport, at the time residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. The gooey foam was removed by Malte Sjöstrand in 2007.

I used it quite extensively for a number of years but after I got the B3 it was mostly resting at home. This year it got renovated again and I’ve actually had on a few gigs. 



Records with Hammond A100 -67

Hammond A100

Hammond A100 -67

Type: Tonewheel
Made in: 1967
Acquired: April 1997
Special features:

  • Switch for removing upper harmonics from pedal sound
  • Hamptone LEQ3B equalizer
  • Leslie switch in left lower cheek block
Upcoming gigs with Hammond A100 -67