Hellkvist & Hällkvist orgeltrio @ Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge on October 13, 2003

Hellkvist & Hällkvist Orgeltrio

Borlänge jazzklubb

Bolanche, Borlänge

October 13, 2003, 7:30 pm

Samuel was invited to play at Borlänge jazz club under his own name. So the poster said Samuel Hällkvist Trio, but in essence it was the our trio, Hellkvist & Hällkvist orgeltrio. Though, we played a few more of Samuel’s songs than we usually do. I was finishing my studies in Uppsala at the time and I think Samuel was about to graduate Music college in Malmö. So, with the geography against us, every change to play together was bliss.

In the intermission, the jazz club surprised us by giving Samuel their scollarship for you musicians. Very well deserved, and in my opinion he should have gotten it sooner. I had received the same honour two years earlier.

Before the concert, a friend of mine helped to do a little commercial that was aired on the local TV network. So much fun! Doing a kind of parody of cheesy record promotions. I’ll link it below. Check it out!



Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond
Samuel Hällkvist – guitar
Johan Sjöström – drums


Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge


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