Andreas Hellkvist Orgeltrio med Tore Berglund in Borlänge on December 3rd

Andreas Hellkvist Orgeltrio med Tore Berglund

Caoz, Borlänge

December 3, 1997, 7:30 pm

First Hammond jazz gig ever! For a while I had been jamming with Mats-Ola Hedlund, a guitar player who had been like a mentor in many ways. We met when I was preparing for confirmation in church, but at the time I was more into hard rock and metal. He got me together with drummer John Haglund, who had played with both Pierre Swärd and Nippe Sylwén, both prominent organ players from Borlänge. And saxophone player Tore Berglund who was making a name for himself in Stockholm but grew up in Borlänge. He also sat in the booking committee for the jazz club so he got us in there.

We played some of my songs, and other songs that I had been working with during my first two years of playing the Hammond. I still remember the moment just before we started, when I was about to hit the keys for the intro of I’m walking, a song that I still love today. In the video section you can see that song from the concert.

A historic day for me, and the start of a long journey that is still ongoing. I hope I never lose the curiosity for music that I had back then and still ofter feel.

The local paper wrote a really nice review as well with the header “Sensational organ debut”.


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Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond A100
Tore Berglund – sax
Mats-Ola Hedlund – gitarr
John Haglund – drums


Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge


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