In 2012 I imported an organ from the states. It’s a chopped organ (probably an A100) with a custom built stand. It has the original bass and swell pedals but they’re both detachable. And – it also has built in LED lights!

It wasn’t in the best shape when I got it but I’ve been working on it, rebuilding the preamp, changing tramsformers. frequency converter and what not. And now it’s really starting to sound good! 

Here are a few streams from my studio

With Mad Artwork


Trinity playing “Sweet Georiga brown”

Apan & Grisen playing my song “Beat song”

Records with Hammond B3 Custom

Andreas Hellkvist – Becoming

Hammond B3 Custom

Type: Tonewheel
Made in: 1964/2012
Acquired: Dec 2012
Special features:

  • Chopped, but with all original funcionality
  • LED lights under keys
  • Profkon ZD1 overdrive unit
Upcoming gigs with Hammond B3 Custom