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Apan & Grisen updates

Been working some with Apan & Grisen (me and Daniel Olsson) lately. We went on a mini tour to Estonia, playing in Tallinn and Tartu. Great fun! We now have a facebook page. Below are some videoclips from the tour. Check them out and do “like” the page as well!

First up, my own song “Headin’ Downtown”

and then a version of the Flintstones theme


New Trinity videos!

Looked at some video footage from Trinity’s spring tour and found some really good stuff! A few videos has been put on Trinity’s youtube. Here they are. Enjoy!

Here’s Misty

and Just friends

Mad Artwork album release

Mad ArtworkA couple of years ago I was asked to play on a recording with the band Mad Artwork, led by guitar player Gabbi Dluzewski. Now, finally, the record is out!

The music is kind of hard to label, but I think “Progressive rock” is the  closest term. As for the organ playing, the approach is quite different from what I usually do and that’s really fun! The whole album is like a journey between genres, all beatifully tied together. It has also been getting really good reviews.

Check it out!

Mad Artwork:

Reviews: (swedish) (English) (English)

Autumn news

It’s been a really busy year so far. Been playing a lot with Trinity, and also been working on my own album. Joined a new trio with Joel Svensson and Bengt Stark (Joel’s the leader). The autumn seem to be less busy, but you never know… Anyway, the main focus will be on finishing the album.

Here’s some new videos:

From Trinity’s spring tour

From Apan & Grisen’s preimere gig:

And here som photos from the recording sessions for the album, taken by Palli Kristumdsson

Session with Samuel Hällkvist

Session with Erik Söderlind

Session with Thomas Arnesen

Apan & Grisen

This summer I will be recording my album that I have been planning for years. It will be mostly my songs. Some very old and some new ones. Really looking forward to getting them all on record! The drummer on the album will be Daniel Olsson and he’s the only musician except me that will be playing on the whole album. The others will be guest musicians on a few tracks each. More on that later!

Earlier this year me Daniel started rehearsing for the record as well as for duo gigs. The project has the working name Apan & Grisen (Monkey & the pig). Don’t ask what it means, we don’t know 🙂

Some month ago we put a camera in the rehearsal room and recorded a few songs and put them on youtube. You can see them here:

And here’s just an example. My tune “Danicing song”. Enjoy!

New Trinity CD

Trinity started 2014 by making a new CD. The official release is March 5th and our release concert will be held at Underbara bar, Stockholm on March 10th. We’re really happy with the result so make sure you get it!

For more info on Trinity, check out our website and facebook page.

There’ll be a lot of more concerts during this spring so check the schedule to the right. Hope to see you somewhere on the road!

Here’s some pictures from the recording taken by Palli Kristmundsson:

We’ve been touring mostly Värmland the last two weeks, doing jazz clubs as well as school concerts and playing for elderly. Here’s a nice review from our concert in Karlskoga;

Also check out some new pictures on the GIGS tab.

Christmas greetings

It’s been a great year, and I’d like to take a moment to look back, but also to share my plans and hopes for 2014, which I think will be an ever better year!

Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

We’ve been playing a lot with Trinity. This trio is really an organism in itself. There is no group that I have played that has been so fun, challenging and stimulating. We will jump start 2014 by recording our 3rd album and then it’s off to tours all over Sweden. Really looking forward to that!

I’ve added a “Gigs” tab where I try to document each gig in some way, with photos, videos and press material.

Check it out once in a while to keep up!

One of the clips on my youtube channel is really starting to take off. I promise to do more of this in 2014! In case you missed it, here it is:

I also have to mention 2 more odd (at least for me) projects this year that has been really fun:
1 – Playing organ at basketball and floorball games.
2 – Doing Elvis songs in Russian

So that was this year, and now to the next:

For more than year I’ve planning to release a record in my own name. The project has taken a lot longer than I had thought but it will get done in 2014! There are so many songs of mine that hasn’t been recorded and released yet.

Trinity, Arnesen Bluesband and other bands will be working as usual of course but I’m also looking forward to working more with some new projects, Boheme for example ( I also intend to post more regularly on my youtube channel.

I also hope to come abroad and play more. A few tours is already being planned. I sincerely hope I can make a tour in the US.

Finally, I’d just like express my deepest gratitude for all love and support from all of you. Have yourself a merry little Christmas and see you in 2014!

More videos, Trinity and Boheme

Two new videos are up on Youtube. It’s “Lazy River” from Trinity’s concert ay Kulturoasen, Uppsala and “Georgia on my mind” from Boheme’s session in May. Enjoy!

Also, Trinity has a new facebook page. Check it out and like it!


New videos, Trinity and Boheme

I finally put up some more videos on youtube! One on my own channel with Boheme, and another on Trinity’s channel. Enjoy!

This is from our recording in May, one of the few takes that were captured on film.


This one is from Gävle konserthus on October 9th.

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