Kulturoasen 2 okt

One week to go!

October 7, 2022

Just as I had finished the stream last Saturday I was preparing to have a nice evening off and a lazy Sunday for rest and other things. Though, when I checked my phone I had a panic request for a Sunday gig. The concert that was supposed to be at the venue Kulturoasen had suddenly been cancelled and they were search for someone to fill the vacancy. The request was for me and Kiralina Salandy and luckily, we both were able to do it. So the weekend became a little more busy than I had planned, but in a good way. The picture above was taken by my friend Lennart at the gig. As you can see, the B3 came out for a spin as well. That was fun! A kind of a taste of what’s coming up.

Now, especially for everyone in the Uppsala/Stockholm area:
On Friday Oct 14th is the first Orgelparty at Ktvå. I’ll bring the B3 there and Monica Dominique will join me on the grand piano. I think it’ll be a fantastic night, so do join the party!

Get tickets here. There are no too many seats, so don’t wait!

Also, I have a new video out with Daniel Olsson who visited the HQ this week. Check it out!

There’ll be no stream tomorrow. I’ll be occupied elsewhere. That’s all for now. Hope you all are well. See you soon!