Current projects

Apan & Grisen

The Hammond organ and the drums. Two instruments that, when combined, provides almost unlimited possibilities to create various kinds of music. Andreas Hellkvist and Daniel Olsson explore these possibilities in different styles, depending on mood and occasion.

This duo works both for concerts and for soft background music. Depending on the size of the organ and drums used this duo can be compressed to fit into almost any corner.

Andreas Hellkvist Trio

My own group, playing mostly my own music. A traditonal format with organ, guitar and drums, but with a fresh take on sound and style. In a way hard to label, but it merges elements of jazz, fusion, gospel and popular music.
The trio features the inspiring sounds and playing of guitarist Samuel Hällkvist, and the exquisit drums of Daniel Olsson.

Claes Janson & Andreas Hellkvist

A voice, a hammond organ and gems from Claes’ whole repertoire.
One of Sweden’s most beloved voices with one of the most vistuoso organists. It simply can’t go wrong.

Hellkvist, Tengholm & Johansson-Werre

Believe it or not, a trio without a Hammond! Andreas, Erik Tengholm and Oscar Johansson-Werre got together in the summer of 2020 to jam and it was the perfect group to use a setup with piano and bass pedals connected to a Moog synth. The repertoire spans a wide spectru of jazz, with influences from Oscar Peterson as well as Moccy Tyner.

S.H.O.P. – Söderlind Hellkvist Organ jazz Project

Erik Söderlind, Andreas Hellkvist and Chris Montgomery – three prominent Swedish jazz musicians from the same generation, sharing a love for the organ jazz from the 50’s and 60’s. This project is a celebration to the music and sound created by Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff and their likes. Straight ahead and swinging, with taste and finesse.

Hammond clinic

A presentation of the various aspects of playing the Hammond organ, aimed to improve the skill, plant new ideas, educate about the instrument and the origin of modern Hammond synths and clones. The clinic can be focus on different topics depending on age, level and interest of the students.


Trinity is mainly a jazz trio, playing jazz standards mixed with some originals. However , the repertoire can vary a little depending on the venue. We play mainly jazz clubs, festivals, churches, schools and homes for elderly. This trio has over the years developed an intimate, almost telepathic interplay. Regardless of whether it’s evergreens, pop songs or originals, the Trinity sound is there. Sometimes intense and loud, sometimes soft and whispering.

Kiralina trio

A gospel trio, mostly focusing on the traditional repertoire of Mahalia Jackson and others. In this trio, Kiralina returns to her gospel roots, elegantly backed by the Hammond and the drums, played by Jesper Kviberg.
In addition to gospel concerts, this trio can also provide music for events, dinners and such.

Arnesen Bluesband

Thomas Arnesen’s own band, offering a variety of blues standards and original songs. The approach to the blues can be described as modern, not adhering to a certain style or time period. Having two keyboard players in the band gives the music a rich sound and allows for more variation of arrangements. There’s also an ongoing collaboration with singer Claes Janson doing a BB King tribute.


“Pop, soul and party jazz with its roots in the 60’s and 70’s.”

Having both the Hammond and the Fender Rhodes in the band combines the two most influential keyboard instruments of the era and offers great possibilities in sound.
The repertoire consists of songs by Steve Wonder, The beatles, The Meters and others. It’s the perfect music for a saturday night! (or for any other night for that matter).

Solo organ

Playing all by yourself is fun because of the freedom ti brings. It allows you to play any song, follow every whim and do what ever you feel. Also challenge of course since there no one to lean on and interact with. The solo organ works both for backgorund music and for concerts.

Tre sidor av Andreas Hellkvist

Ett koncept som kombinerar tre aspekter mitt liv, det rent musikaliska, den praktiska sidan av att ha valt hammondorgel som instrument samt den personliga resa som jag gjort de senaste åren.

Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist in Concert

A collaboration with Norweigan singer, guitarist and songwriter Hans Bollandsås. Usually play as a trio, with different drummers. The repertoire consists of blues standards mixed with original songs. The output is intense, reflecting the energy of these two performers.

Kiralina & the Funk Ups

With the charismatic Kiralina Salandy in the front, these passionate musicians makes each concert a virtual funk explosion. They play funk classics, jazz standards in funky arrangements, originals and new takes on old songs.

The perfect band for a club, a party, or just wherever people like to dance and have fun.