A heartfelt meeting

October 19, 2022

So, first a little debriefing from last Friday, the first Organ party at Ktvå. The picture above was taken by my friend Palli Kristmundsson in the afternoon on Friday when me and Monica Dominique were rehearsing for the show. We hadn’t met before in person, but I’m happy to say we got along very well, both musically and personally. I think the picture captures an interesting moment in that process. The repertoire that we had discussed over the phone worked well also in practice. And the actual Organ party was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Yesterday I put out a clip that I think represents that – a crowded room, great audience, an intro with a little casual conversation about the song, a groovy and fun tune to play. Due to the lighting I found it to be better in black and white – and that really gave it an added atmosphere. If it weren’t for the people holding up their phones it looks like it could have been a recording from the 60s or something. Exactly the vintage vibe that I like! Watch it here:

There’ll be more Organ parties at Ktvå and I hope, at many other places as well! And I’m fairly certain this isn’t the last time you hear me and Monica together. So if you missed this one, hope to see you at some other party! The next one at Ktvå is on November 10th, with singer, actress and comedian Maria Möller. Get your tickets here:

On Saturday October 22nd there will be a regular stream, Hellkvist Hammond Hour at 6pm CET. Hope to see you there! Watch it here:

Also, glad to see that this list is growing. Welcome all new members!
That’s all for now. See you soon!