Mostly requests stream at the Hammond B3

Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

January 16th, 2021 6:00pm Solo organ at Hellkvist HQ

It’s been an interesting week preparing for this stream! Got a lot of requests for songs that I haven’t heard or played so a lot of new stuff to digest. The result, as usual, is a quite diverse set of songs, including both jazz, soul and Elton John! Speaking of the latter, playing “Funeral for a friend” was the big challenge this time. A song that I spent a lot of time with.

Set list

  1. All of me 1:56
  2. Love (makes me do foolish things) 8:58
  3. In the summertime 16:32
  4. For all we know 21:35
  5. Funeral for a friend 30:01
  6. The wedding 36:57
  7. Viva Tirado 41:52
  8. You are the sunshine of my life 47:55
  9. Tico tico 53:18
  10. Let it be 59:12


Hammond B3 -70