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Elvis in russian

Tovarishchi Elvisa

Me and pedal steel player Niklas Widén have been playing together for some years in an annual Elvis show based in Uppsala, Sweden. We also share an interest in the russian language, both having studied it before

Earlier this year we had an idea to combine these two. Why not do Elvis songs in russian? It was a too fun idea to ignore. So we started looking for songs that would fit the concept. We also found some translations online that could be used as a basis, though most of them needed some editing.

We started rehearsing during summer. We decided to both play the guitar and sing. Then on an event called “Culture night” in Uppsala held last Saturday we made our premiere gig. One of the weirdest gigs in a while, but a lot of fun!

Tovarishchi Elvisa - gig

The project was named Tovarishchi Elvisa (Elvis’ comrades). At the moment, no more gigs are planned but I’m sure there will be. It’s a fun contrast to all the Hammond playing!

These picures are taken by Palli Kristmundsson (right) and by Ted Dluzewski (left). Palli also documented one of our rehearsals and you can visit his gallery here:

Boheme – new trio project

Some time ago me and pianist Kettil Medelius decided to start a project together. We teamed up with drummer Ola Bothzén and made a little demo recording. The name of the trio will be Boheme (by combining the first two letters of our last names). I put up a song from this recording on soundcloud. Enjoy!

Cookin’ with Thomas Arnesen

This weekend I brought my original B3 to the studio.  It came to good use today when Thomas Arnesen, Daniel Olsson and me met for a little kick-off session for a trio project. We put the camera on record and played a few songs. Here’s two of them. Enjoy!

Tenor Madness:

It’s you or no one

Playing at the Swedish basketball semi finals

I’ve never been much of a sports guy, but when I was asked to play at some of the semi finals in the Swedish basketball series I didnt hesitate. It was great fun! Unfortunately my home team Uppsala lost the semi finals so their season is finished now. Looking forward to playing more basketball organ this autumn!

There are some really cool pictures taken by my friend Palli Kristmundsson.

Check out the gallery here:

Custom B3 – New organ in the collection

In the end of last year I bought a customized B3 from the states. It’s chopped with a detachable pedal board and swell pedal.

It also has built in LED lights. Soon I will put a description of it on a page here, but in the meantime you can watch it in this video, taken last week at a Trinity concert.


Mini tour with Trinity

At Nordanåteatern, Skellefteå

Trinity went for a two date tour to Piteå and Skellefteå. We went by plane so bringing the B3 was not an option. Instead I brought the C2D with pedals on plane and used only the internal leslie.

In Skellefteå I could have stereo monitors. That worked really well! All in all, a fun trip and two great gigs.

We got a good review from Piteå:

New christmas record

Record cover "Julsånger utan ord"
On November 14th a christmas record called “Julsånger utan ord” by guitar player Mats Bergström will be released. It features great musicians such as Georg Riedel, Andreas Öberg, Jonas Holgersson and of course yours truly.
I play the B3 on four tracks.

It was recorded at the Atlantis studio in Stockholm in January and February earlier this year.

Get it here. It’s ridiculously cheap!


Also, Trinity has a track on the latest Music Row collection CD that comes with the last issue of Orkester Journalen.

Other artists on the cd are  Magnus LIndgren, Isabel Sörling Farvel och Wennerström Larssson Explicity to mention a few.

New rehearsal room/studio

I recently moved in to a studio where I’ll be able to rehearse and record. It will have a few organs (primarily my A100), a Fender Rhodes and a Gretsch drum kit. The drums were delivered yeaterday so today me and Daniel Olsson had the first (of many!) jam there. Here’s a video with a little blues tune that was composed today in honour of the event.

Trinity at Glenn Miller Café


This week Trinity will be playing at Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday night will also be filmed!

Do come by and listen!

Upcoming shows

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  • April 8th, 2019, 7:30pm
    Funk Up’s
    Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge
  • March 22nd, 2019,
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  • March 14th, 2019, 7:30pm
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    Scalateatern, Stockholm
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    Claes Janson
    Skottvångs gruva, Mariefred
  • March 1st, 2019, 7:30pm
    Claes Janson
    Royal biograf, Eskilstuna
  • February 28th, 2019,
    Claes Janson
    Vetlanda museum, Vetlanda
  • February 27th, 2019,
    Claes Janson
    Fjällstugan, Jönköping