A leslie in each corner

September 10, 2022

So, for those of you who might not know – a leslie is combined amplifier and speaker cabinet that you see practically next to any Hammond organ. It’s just as important for the sound as the organ itself. Most often you see one (1) cabinet connected to one organ. Sometimes you’ll see two cabinet. I’ve used it in my streams and some live concerts. It creates a really cool stereo effect. But why stop there?
For a long time I’ve thought of connencting 4 leslies to my B3. I like the image of having one cabinet in each corner sourrounding the organ. Sitting there in middle, it feels like you’re summoning all of the organ energies of the universe or something. An interesting experiment, for sure!

On Saturday September 10th is a thing called Kulturnatten (Culture night) in my hometown of Uppsala. The whole day, there are cultural manifestations of different kinds all around the city. Music, art, poetry, dance, food and what not. A beautiful opportunity to walk around and enjoy what all the cultures in our country has to offer. As a part of that I thought I would contribute by inviting people to check out and experience my 4 leslie setup at the HQ.
Doors will be open between noon and 3pm. There’ll be coffee and some home baked bread. Welcome if you’re in the area!

Also, later that night there’ll be a streamed Hellkvist Hammond Hour with this setup. As usual at 6pm CET.

Hope you all are well. See you soon!