… And here’s where the organ will be

September 23, 2022

The picture above was taken by my friend Palli Kristmundsson last week at Ktvå, a newly opened venue next to Katalin in Uppsala. It’s a part of Katalin, though located in the building across the alley in the back. This fall there will be a program of concerts here. Mostly duo settings and smaller combos. I’m very proud to announce that I will have my own series of “Orgelparty” (Organ parties). There’ll be three occations, and each time I’ll be bringing my B3 and I’ll also be joined by various guest artists. So looking forward!

The dates are as follows:
Oct 14th Orgelparty with Monica Dominique
Monica is somewhat of a legend in Swedish music, playing the piano, Hammond and also singing. Here she’ll be joining me at the grand piano. It’ll be the first time we play together.

Nov 10th Orgelparty with Maria Möller
Maria is a versatile entertainer, both as a singer, actress and a comic. This will be a party for sure. So looking forward!

Dec 16th Orgelparty with Kiralina Salandy
Kiralina is always a guarranteed success. Whatever we do, I just love being on stage with her. She often surprises me, but it’s always for the better. It’ll be a great finish to the series!

Get tickets here – quite a limited number available so don’t wait!

And tomorrow Saturday Sep 24th I’ll be back on the air for another Hellkvist Hammond Hour.
Note: The time is 6:30pm CET, so half an hour later than usual. I will actually be at a party and this will be the opening act there, and I’m glad to share it with you as well! I’ll be bringing my XK5. Watch it here:

That’s all for now. Hope you all are well. See you soon!