Trinity in Borlänge on September 2nd


Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge

September 2, 2013, 7:30 pm

Photo: Martin Pettersson

Trinity started their autumn tour in my homwtown of Borlänge. I always enjoy coming back to play there, for my family and old friends. It’s especially fun when it’s with a band like Trinity! It really was great show, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The jazz club that arranges the concert is also very nice. This was the first concert at their new venue. A very nice place!

The repertoire is mainly consists of songs from our second album “Get Out” and songs that are to be recorded of the third. “The Shadow of your smile” got a new shape in the form of a pop ballad. It worked!

Here’s a review from Dalademokraten (in Swedish):

And one from Dalarnas Tidningar:




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Musicians & Artists


Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond
Jojo Djeridi – drums
Karl Olandersson – trumpet


Borlänge jazzklubb, Borlänge


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