Guest at the HQ #2 - Thomas Arnesen, blues guitarist

One of my longest ongoing collaborations is that with blues and jazz guitarist Thomas Arnesen. 20 years ago, in the spring of 2002 he asked me to join his newly started band Arnesen blues band which have been lilke a cornerstone of my musical life.

We talk about the years that have passed, other aspects of Thomas’ career, what it means to be a good bandleader and much more. The minutes fly be quite fast so it turned out a bit longer than I thought. But I’ll try to make clear chapters for those of you who want to skip ahead.

We also did a session and recorded 4 songs.
1. Song for my father (15:29)
2. B3 Boogie (44:09)
3. Headin’ Downtown (1:08:24)
4. Key to the Highway (1:35:48)

Line up:
Thomas Arnesen – guitar
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond B3
Daniel Olsson – drums

Arnesen Blues band


Live at the pawn shop, Öhman Organ Grinders

Selected clips:
Don’t burn down the bridge

Walking with my baby (Live in Vienna)

Livestream form the HQ

Tenor madness (2013)


Andreas Hellkvist – Finally!, CD

0:00 Intro
2:02 How we met, Thomas’ perspective
4:12 How we met, my perspective
6:59 Being picked up as a younger musician
9:54 About Arnesen Bluesband
14:50 Cutting the bread
15:29 Song for my father (song)
19:23 Reminiscing about dorm room jams
23:20 Reminiscing about early repertiore
27:17 Being a bandleader
34:10 The importance of apperance
39:36 You hear what you see
40:58 Today’s trio
44:09 B3 Boogie (song)
48:09 My first album Finally!
50:24 Changing roles
56:40 Talking about ABB and playing abroad
1:03:50 Being a prophet in your hometown
1:08:24 Headin’ Downtown (song)
1:12:40 More about Thomas
1:14:29 Panta Rei
1:16:28 Öhman Organ Grinders
1:18:19 A tour in India
1:23:37 Talking about a old recording
1:25:24 Starting at the piano
1:32:51 Wrapping up
1:35:48 Key to the Highway (song)

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