Andreas Hellkvist – Finally!, CD


On his first album as a leader, Andreas Hellkvist offers a wide array of songs from the whole span of his musical career. Most of them never before recorded. Andreas of course plays the Hammond, and Daniel Olsson drums. On top of that the album features three great guitar players – Erik Söderlind, Samuel Hällkvist and Thomas Arnesen, that play on three songs each. In a way forming three different trios, each shaping the music in its own way. A feast for lovers of Hammond jazz and jazz guitar!

Release date May 27th 2016
Producer Andreas Hellkvist & Daniel Lantz
Recorded at Musikrum-1, Uppsala, Sweden
Recording engineer Janne Jutila
Label Do Music Records
Photo Palli Kristmundsson
Andreas Hellkvist Hammond B3 (all tracks),
Fender Rhodes (4)
Daniel Olsson Drums (all tracks)
Erik Söderlind guitar (1,2,3)
Samuel Hällkvist guitar (5,6,7)
Thomas Arnesen guitar (9,10,11)

Swedish Hammond jazz organist Andreas Hellkvist already boasts a prolific career as a sideman, having toured extensively for some 15 years together with the Swedish jazz elite and appeared on a dozen albums, three of which are by Do Music Records artists Trinity. As a performer, Hellkvist is a virtuoso and has flabbergasted audiences from the very outset with his impeccable skill, fiery improvisational passion and rhythmic energy, making any piece of music he lays his hands (and feet) on more or less catch fire. For years, fans have bemoaned the absence of a Hellkvist solo album, but happily, that has now changed as his debut album is here and appropriately titled Finally! Forming a steady two-some with versatile drummer Daniel Olsson, Hellkvist presents Swedish jazz guitar stars Erik Söderlind, Samuel Hällkvist and Thomas Arnesen as guests, who all in unique ways add to the jazzy magic found in Hellkvist’s well-crafted compositions. Hammond organ and jazz aficionados will no doubt be in seventh heaven!