Church service with a jazz theme. We’ve done a couple of those, and they can be quite different. What I liked about this one was that in middle there was a conversation between me and the preacher. Some parts of it were prepared, but he did put me on the spot as well. But I like that. 


Mälarhöjdens kyrka, Stockholm

Trinity is mainly a jazz trio, playing jazz standards mixed with some originals. However , the repertoire can vary a little depending on the venue. We play mainly jazz clubs, festivals, churches, schools and homes for elderly. This trio has over the years developed an intimate, almost telepathic interplay. Regardless of whether it’s evergreens, pop songs or originals, the Trinity sound is there. Sometimes intense and loud, sometimes soft and whispering.

February 4th, 2018 5:00pm Trinity at Mälarhöjdens kyrka



Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond
Jojo Djeridi – drums
Karl Olandersson – trumpet



Mälarhöjdens kyrka