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Pre-corona nostalgia stream om the Hammond B3

At this time one year ago, everything was just rockin’. I had made a small tour with Trinity earlier in the week. Over the weekend I went to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday by throwing him a party, bring the B3 and play some of his favorite organ tunes. the week after the was a short tour with Kiralina Trio. After that everything went blank in the calendar. So, after a year with corona I thought a suitable theme could be to have some nostalgia and remember the times before.

So the set list has a few Trinity tunes, a few gospel tunes and a special feature for my dad (who now is turning 81). When I was younger he used to play a record with Jimmy McGriff’s “All about my girl” was the first song. I think that actually was my first exposure to organ jazz, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

I’ve heard the jazz standard “Some other time” many times, mostly in different versions by Bill Evans. Here I play it as waltz and it turned out nicely.

Also thought I’d try something new by paying a Vulfpeck song. Their music is kind of a happy place for me and I have listened to ita lot but never really played it. So do to “Animal Spirits” became the challenge of the week. And speaking of happy places – Billy Preston always puts a smile on my face with his music so I almost always put one of his sons in the set. This time I thought I’d do one I havn’t done before, namely “The octopus”.

Valentine’s eve stream, Hammond for love

Last year on Feb 13th, I I did a solo gig at my favorite pub in Uppsala called “Happy Duck”. It coincidentally was the day before Valentine’s so I thought I’d call the evening “Hammonf for love” and put together a set list for that. Now, a year later, my Saturday stream happened to be on the same date so I I pretty much knew what I wanted to do. I reused some of the set list but also added a few new songs.

Got some nice suggestions from friends during the week. Paul McCartney’s “My love” for example, that I hadn’t heard before. Also played some of my favorite love ballads like Linda Ronstadt’s “Feels like home” and Billy Preston’s “You are so beautiful”.

Also honoring the memory of Chick Corea the sadly passed away this week. His song “Windows” is one that I have always loved. It’s like a journey with its different parts and each chorus is a new adventure.

I give my love today to all of you watching the streams. I’m so happy to be able to do this and it warms my heart that you’re tuning in every Saturday.

Back at the B3 livestream

First week of February, and winter in Sweden is at its best, with crisp sunny days and temperatures just enough below freezing. I heard that in Pennsylvania, the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter and if it would stay this way I wouldn’t mind. So for the stream, I thought that Goundhog day (the movie) could one of the themes. It’s one of my favorite movies that I watch every now and then. Always brings me to my happy place! One song was given, namely “I got you babe” that’s playing every morning that Bill Murray wakes up in the movie. Here in a little more bluesy version. I also wanted to play the Pennsylvania polka. Love playing those songs with a little more old fashioned organ sound.

As usual there has also been some musician birthdays worth noting. Joe Sample of the Crusaders for example, and Joshua Redman. To honor them I put Street life and Molten Soul in the set list.

Also, I wanted to bring the subject of the Eurovision Song contest. Now, the European contest doesn’t take place until May, but the Swedish process for determining who will represent us has already started, in smaller competitions every Saturday for the coming 6 weeks. A Swedish phenomenon, no doubt. I don’t think any country puts as much effort into it. the contest has changed a lot over time, of course, and the music is quite different now from what it was when it began in the 50s. So I thought I’d give a teste of the old times by playing Sweden’s song in 1966, that ended up in second place in the European competition. The title is Nygammal vals and was originally performed by Svente Thuresson and Lill Lindfors.

On the rockish side Hammond stream

Like the donkey stnding between two piles of hay I had a hard time deciding beforehand what organ to use on this stream. In the end I chose the XK5. I had it all set up from last week and it was nice to have another week to spend time with that rigg. Together with my 770 leslie they form a real power unit and I can do some things with that that is harder to do at the B3.

For this stream I chose a little more rockish material and really had a blast doing it! This week it was one year ago since I played with my trio so I got a little nostalgic about that and made it one of the themes and included some of my songs. But for the first time in these streams I also played a Deep Purple song!

Instead of NAMM stream at the Hammond XK5 classic

It’s nice to change things up once in a while. I’ve had my XK5 classic for almost a year now and have been playing it quite a few gigs (well, given the corona situation…). Also. this week is NAMM week and it was after last year’s exhibition that I got the XK5. So, a lot of reasons to use it in a stream!

I hooked it up to my 770 leslie and it is quite a powerful rig! When using the lower bass register, the whole room and almost the building seem to be shaking!

Mostly requests stream at the Hammond B3

It’s been an interesting week preparing for this stream! Got a lot of requests for songs that I haven’t heard or played so a lot of new stuff to digest. The result, as usual, is a quite diverse set of songs, including both jazz, soul and Elton John! Speaking of the latter, playing “Funeral for a friend” was the big challenge this time. A song that I spent a lot of time with.

Saturday stream at the Hammond B3

The themes for this week’s stream were Elvis Presley and Georgia. As you may know Elvis’ birthday was January 8th so it seemed like a good reason to bring some of his songs to the stream. Georgia was chosen because of the high stakes senator elections in the US. Though, come Saturday I think noone did fully expect the chaos that were to unfold during the week. So doing the stream was a well needed relief from all the turmoil in the world.

Picking Elvis songs for one show is always difficult. I wanted to include some of my favorites, some of the “must plays” and to have songs from the different stages of his career. Check the set list below to see which got chosen!

These Saturday streams have become one of the cornerstones of what I do and hope hope to keep doing them for a long time.

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