Quadrophonic Leslie Experience - Compilation from premiere concert, May 27th 2023

The premiere concert for my project “Quadrophonic Leslie Experience” was held on May 27th, 2023 at Katalin, Uppsala.

The floor of the big music hall was transformed into a stage with the B3 in the center and 4 leslies in each corner surrounding it. The audience could choose either to be in the middle of it or on the side. The stage, where the camera was placed, was turned into a platform where people could sit and enjoy the whole thing.

Do listen in a good stereo environment. I would say nothing can replace the experience in the room but you might get a glimpse of how it was. Each leslie is placed in a row in the stereo image. The cabinets are from left to right – 147, 142, 770 and 122.

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