Double organ madness – They can’t take that away from me (from Live at the HQ, Oct 25th 2021)

The starting point for this project was – how can you combine two organs in a way that they complement and strengthen each other without it turning in to a competition in volume and technique. Andreas and Leo are from two generations of jazz musicians but the share a lot of references, escpecially when it somes to the Hammond organ. So it turned out you can do a lot of things that are both fun and musically interesting. Jazz standards, “classic” organ jazz, a few original compositions and some funk and groove. Jesper Kviberg sits in the middle at the drums and ties it all together.

Here’s “They can’t take that away from me” from the stream “Jazz at the HQ – Double Organ Madness”, aired on Oct 25th 2021.
See the whole stream here:

Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond B3
Leo Lindberg – Hammond XK5
Jesper Kviberg – drums

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