Andreas Hellkvist & Hans Bollandsås - Anytime you want

In August, Hans Bollandsås and Helene Misund, drove all the way from Trondheim in Norway till Uppsala to join me for a few gigs. This was the first one, at Musikhuset, Gävle. We hadn’t played together in a while so a nice warmup gig for the your. Here’s one of Hans’ showoff tunes, “Anytime you want”. Make sure you stay to the end for his guitar solo! And then you’ll also see some pretty cool pedal bass.
I used my Hammond XK5 Classic with a 770 leslie for this concert.

Hans Bollandsås – guitar, vocals
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond XK5
Helene Misund – tambourine
Ola Bothzén – drums

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