Summer tours ending

August 4, 2022

July went by fast, but looking back it has been a month filled with fun gigs and other events. Though I’m hoping that summer will linger a little longer, as it hasn’t been very warm and sunny here (other than a few days).

This week Trinity are doing our final gigs of the summer tour. The dates are:
Aug 4th 7pm Brännkyrka church, Stockholm
Aug 6th 6pm Hedemora church, Hedemora

Come see us! It has been a great summer tour so far.

Last week I was in Värmland visiting my aunt an other relatives. The picture above was taken during a recording there, where I did the “anthem” of this county, a folk melody called “Ack Värmeland du sköna”.
The video is up on youtube and you can watch it here:

When I’m out playing, especially when I bring my B3, I often get the question of how I load and transport it. So when packing and loading last week I made a video about that. Check it out here:

Hope you all are well. See you soon!