Party at the HQ!

May 27, 2022

The last week of May is always special because that’s when my birthday is. A couple of years ago I also had the release concert for Finally! on the 25th so that’s always a nice memory that comes back. This year it also coincided with Ascension holiday. It’s so nice to be avble to celebreate for real again! On the actual birthday I had some friends over for a sourdough feast at home. And the day before I prerecorded this week’s stream at the HQ. And since it was the day before my birthday it became like a party as well. I invited some of my friends for cake and bubbly and then they were a mingling audience when I played my set. So nice!

It will be broadcast as usual on Saturday May 28th 6pm CET, The Hellkvist Hammond Hour, party edition!

Titta här:

Here’s a little clip if you want a preview

Hope you all are well!