Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2022

As I wrote in the last mail, Christmas tends to sneak up on you. And I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas eve! Looking forward to some days of rest in Dalarna, where I grew up .
The picture above was taken by my good friend Palli Kristmundsson at the Organ party at Ktvå last friday. It was such a blast! I think the picture speak for itself.

Have you been following my Avent calendar on Youtube? If not, I recommend at least browsing through the episodes. I’ve been digging deep in the archives and it has been quite interesting and a lot of fun!

The episodes are all collected here
or here

And if you’re not already a subscriber on YouTube, you know what to do!

Also, a CD project that has been ongoing during the autumn has finally been finished as well. The result is a CD where I play, accompanying two singers who do mostly compositions based on Swedish poets Nils Ferlin asnd Karin Boye. Quite a different project from what I normally do, but it has been fun and I’m quite pleased with the result. I have a few CDs for sale if anyone is interested. It will also be out on streaming platforms soon.

For you in the local area, there are three concerts after New year’s worth mentioning:
Jan 6th Trinity Trettondagsjazzen, Gävle
Jan 7th Elvis birthday party, Kompassen, Enköping
Jan 14th Elvis birthday party, Katalin, Uppsala

And with that I’d just like to wish you all a peaceful Merry Christmas full of joy, rest, love and good company! Hope to see you all soon.