Hammond patent celebration

April 22, 2022

On April 24th 1934, Laurens Hammond’s patent for an electromechanical organ was registered. The first organ, the model A, came out the year after. A defining moment in music history, at least as far as I’m concerned. In the picture above is the man himself, sitting at his creation. Funny thing is that he didn´t play himself.

Anyway, I think that calls for a celebration and so that will be the theme for this week’s stream. I’ll be playing some of my favorite songs that made me love this instrument. This week’s Hellkvist Hammond Hour is as usual on Saturday April 23rd 6pm CET. Very welcome!

Watch here:

And if you want to listen to some party jazz, there are two new songs out from the last session at the HQ.

Spinout https://youtu.be/Pruy39doZtM
Novelty accordion https://youtu.be/jso8CJ-_fEk

That’s all for now!