Elvis in russian

September 16, 2013

Tovarishchi Elvisa

Me and pedal steel player Niklas Widén have been playing together for some years in an annual Elvis show based in Uppsala, Sweden. We also share an interest in the russian language, both having studied it before

Earlier this year we had an idea to combine these two. Why not do Elvis songs in russian? It was a too fun idea to ignore. So we started looking for songs that would fit the concept. We also found some translations online that could be used as a basis, though most of them needed some editing.

We started rehearsing during summer. We decided to both play the guitar and sing. Then on an event called “Culture night” in Uppsala held last Saturday we made our premiere gig. One of the weirdest gigs in a while, but a lot of fun!

Tovarishchi Elvisa - gig

The project was named Tovarishchi Elvisa (Elvis’ comrades). At the moment, no more gigs are planned but I’m sure there will be. It’s a fun contrast to all the Hammond playing!

These picures are taken by Palli Kristmundsson (right) and by Ted Dluzewski (left). Palli also documented one of our rehearsals and you can visit his gallery here: