Big band party and spring equinox

March 18, 2022

In the midst of everything else, it’s nice to feel that it’s getting lighter and lighter. Sunday marks the spring equinox and after that it’s actually nore light than dark.

Just about 2 years ago, on March 24th 2020, I was supposed to have a concert with the big band Big swing face at Katalin, Uppsala. It was just at the time when everything started to close in the beginning of the pandemic and the concert eventually got canceled. It got reschduled a couple of times but got canceled each time. But now – on March 22nd 2022, it’s finally happening! We have so been looking forward to it. Several of my own songs has got new big band arrangements and there’ll also be ju some great big band jazz with the Hammond organ in the middle. Welcome!

Tuesday March 22nd, 2022, Big Swing Face with Andreas Hellkvist, Katalin, Uppsala
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This weekend I’ll also be back at the HQ for a traditional Saturday stream. As it is the spring equinox this weekend, the stream will be a tribute to the sun and the light. Then, of course, there will also be some big band stuff.

Saturday March 19th, 6pm, The Hellkvist Hammond Hour. 

Watch it here

There’s also a new episode of the pod “Guest at the HQ” out. The guest this time is blues guitarist Thomas Arnesen. As usual we recorded a couple of songs and then had a talk. A really nice meeting of two musicians and friends with a long history together.
Watch it here:

I also didn’t post last week I so thought I’d tell you the if you didn’t see the stream o Saturday night you can still watch it. I threw together a collection of “greatest hits” from band streams last year. I was sitting in the cosy restaurant at Skottvångs gruva and talked bertween the clips. Watch it here

That’s all for now, hope you are all well!