Apan & Grisen

May 15, 2014

This summer I will be recording my album that I have been planning for years. It will be mostly my songs. Some very old and some new ones. Really looking forward to getting them all on record! The drummer on the album will be Daniel Olsson and he’s the only musician except me that will be playing on the whole album. The others will be guest musicians on a few tracks each. More on that later!

Earlier this year me Daniel started rehearsing for the record as well as for duo gigs. The project has the working name Apan & Grisen (Monkey & the pig). Don’t ask what it means, we don’t know 🙂

Some month ago we put a camera in the rehearsal room and recorded a few songs and put them on youtube. You can see them here:


And here’s just an example. My tune “Danicing song”. Enjoy!