Hunky Dory @ Katalins terass, Uppsala, Aug 13th 2021

Hunky Dory

Katalin, Uppsala

August 13, 2021, 7:00 pm

ALways exciting with the premiere show of a new project! Lennart Wåhlin and Pelle Sjöholm asked me to join their small band Bowie tribute (they also have a bigger band), focuseing on the early material. Most of the repertoire comes of the Hunky Dory record, hence the name of the band. I have to admit, I haven’t listened extensively to Bowie before so it has been a new musical world to discover. Very interesting, fun and quite different from what I usually do. I laos like the setting, with the organ and two guitars. Quite different from the original, so it allows for interpretation and and personal twist to the music.



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Lennart Wåhlin – vocals, guitar
Pelle Sjöholm – guitar, backing vocals
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond organ, backing vocals


Katalin, Uppsala

Godsmagasinet Östra Station
Roslagsgatan 1
753 27 Uppsala

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