Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In concert @ Musikhuset, Gävle, Aug 6th 2021

Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist in Concert

Musikhuset, Gävle

August 6, 2021, 4:00 pm

Grand opening at Musikhuset! I have played ehere a couple of times before with various bands and up until now it was been like a music café. Now however, they have fot the rights to serve alcoholic beverages which makes it a proper music pub. This was the opening event with lots of specially invited guests. I was was glad to get to play with my Norweigan friends at this occasion. And most of all, a big gratulation and well wishes for Musikhuset and Malin, who runs the place. I hope (and I’m quite sure) she and Musikhuset will prosper!



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Musicians & Artists


Hans Bollandsås – guitar, vocals
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond organ
Helene Misund – vocals, percussion
Ola Bothzén – drums


Musikhuset, Gävle

Kyrkogatan 32

803 11 Gävle

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