Organ party with Monica Dominique – Ode to Billie Joe, Oct 14th

On Friday Oct 14th I had my first “Organ party” at Ktvå, a relatively new place in my hometown of Uppsala. It was the first concert of 3 this fall. There’ll be different guest artists each time and this the I was looking forward to share the stage with the Swedish living legend Monica Dominique. Having seen and heard her in with practically everyone on the Swedish jazz scene from the 60s and onwards it both felt a little strange and solemn to suddenly have her at the other side of the stage. And by the way, what a stage – a Steinway grand piano and a Hammond B3 with two leslies. Doesn’t get much better does it?
I was a bit nervous before – when you start a series you want a good premiere and we hadn’t played or even met before. But luckily, we really hit it off. It was such a heartfelt meeting, both in the music and outside it. So it turned out even better that I had hoped, and being everything that I’d want an Organ party to be.
This clip captures that perfectly I think – crowded room, great audience, an intro with a little casual conversation about the song, a groovy and fun tune to play. And the black and white just hits the spot!
There’ll be more Organ parties at Ktvå and I hope, at many other places as well! And I’m fairly certain this isn’t the last time you hear me and Monica together. So if you missed this one, hope to see you at some other party!

Monica Dominique – Grand piano
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond B3

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