Pictures at an exhibition and an improved website

January 24, 2023

First of all, sorry for my long absence. Been buried in work, mainly improving, developeing and adding content to my website. For long it has seemed like a work worthy of Sisyphus – never ending and almost growing the more you do. But I’m finally beginning to see some results and even though there a lot more to do, I think it’s time to start banging the drum and invite people in.

My vision has been that my website should in an easily accessible way provide information of what I do, what I can offer, what’s coming up and an archive of the past.

I usually document gigs and other events quite thoroughly and it would be a shame if all the pictures and videos were left unwatched in the local storage of my studio.
Also, I have wonderful friends who are great photographers and they have graciously allowed me to use their pictures as well.

So, take a look around! The link is, and the most usable links are in the second menu row (expand it on a mobile view). All posts like gigs, projects, people, organs and records are seachable and interconnected so you basically click you way thorough my entire musical universe. Under the menu “Media” there are image and video galleries that are searchable in the same way. And I’m still constantly adding content.

And speaking of pictures and photographers – one of the best photographers I know, Palli Kristmundsson, is having an exhibition in Uppsala this week. The main focus is on signed printed photos of various artists. You can see some of them in the picture above. He is also having a sale a previous prints, well worth checking out. The picture of me was taken at a concert almost exactly one year ago. And just to give you an example of what content you can find on my website, check this link
There you’ll also see more of Palli’s pictures.

A few gigs are coming up –
Jan 29th Trinity Glenn Miller, Stockholm
Feb 6h Kiralina Salandy & Andreas Hellkvist, Folkets hus, Åkersberga

Upcoming are always listed here

That’s all for now. I hope to be back soon with a lot of other stuff!