On the rockish side Hammond stream

Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

January 30th, 2021 6:00pm Solo organ at Hellkvist HQ

Like the donkey stnding between two piles of hay I had a hard time deciding beforehand what organ to use on this stream. In the end I chose the XK5. I had it all set up from last week and it was nice to have another week to spend time with that rigg. Together with my 770 leslie they form a real power unit and I can do some things with that that is harder to do at the B3.

For this stream I chose a little more rockish material and really had a blast doing it! This week it was one year ago since I played with my trio so I got a little nostalgic about that and made it one of the themes and included some of my songs. But for the first time in these streams I also played a Deep Purple song!

Set list

  1. Hellkvist Shuffle 2:35
  2. Killer Joe 9:08
  3. Morgonkaffe 14:20
  4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 21:45
  5. Hush, by Deep Purple 29:01
  6. Schindler’s List Theme 36:43
  7. Amazing Grace 42:28
  8. Tritlar 48:33
  9. Undecided 58:47

Solo organ



Hellkvist HQ

Libro ringväg 8

752 28 Uppsala

Available also here