Saturday Hammond stream, January 30th (B3 or XK5 yet to be decided)
Saturday Hammond stream, January 30th (B3 or XK5 yet to be decided)

On the rockish side Hammond stream

Livestream, Hellkvist Headquarters

January 30th, 2021 6:00pm

Like the donkey standing between two piles of hay I haven’t decided yet what organ to use. We’ll see on Saturday. Regardless, the stream will as usual be a mix of jazz, blues and funky grooves. Join the fun! Tips appreciated but not required https://paypal.me/andreashellkvist Swish: 070-9840244 (Sweden) #andreashellkvist​ #hammondb3​ #livestream

Like the donkey stnding between two piles of hay I had a hard time deciding beforehand what organ to use on this stream. In the end I chose the XK5. I had it all set up from last week and it was nice to have another week to spend time with that rigg. Together with my 770 leslie they form a real power unit and I can do some things with that that is harder to do at the B3.

For this stream I chose a little more rockish material and really had a blast doing it! This week it was one year ago since I played with my trio so I got a little nostalgic about that and made it one of the themes and included some of my songs. But for the first time in these streams I also played a Deep Purple song!



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