Orgelparty @ Domkyrkocentrum, Växjö on August 20, 2022 12:00 pm

Solo organ

Domkyrkocentrum, Växjö

August 20, 2022, 12:00 pm

This weekend there was a city fest “Karl-Oskardagarna” in Växjö, and I was invited there to play by the cathedral by my friend and priest Carina. We got to know each other when I went to a school in the area (St Sigfrids Folkhögskola) many years ago. At the time she was working there. It turned also the organist who played with me on the psalms was my old choir leader at that school! But we didn’t get to know each other as well at the time so it took a little while to figure out.

The concert was divided into three parts, each with a different theme. So, for example, I would play a few my tunes, then talk and reflect a little on the subject and then we would play and sings hymns relating to that. The themes were about my personal journey and following your heart, then some reflections on Jesus and his message, and finally about the world we live in and how to realte to that.

I like it when you can add another dimension to the music. Bring purpose to the occasion. A nice concept and I hope to do it again.



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Solo organ @ Boda kyrka, Kil
Photo: Ulf Zetterlund


Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond


Domkyrkocentrum, Växjö

Gymnasiegränd 1

352 34 Växjö

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