Introducing the Quadraphonic Leslie Experience

For the last 2 years, I’ve been working on my project “Quadraphonic Leslie Experience”. At its core it is my B3 connected to four leslies, using various effects to make the sound jump or wander around between the cabinets and also controlling the leslie speeds individually using a micro computer. It really creates new soundscapes that are just mind blowing, and at times can make you a little dizzy. Here’s a little example, though bear in mind that no stereo mix can truly capture the quadrophonic experience of 4 leslies in a room. I have recorded an album using this setup with newly composed music. It will be available both in Dolby Atmos surround as well as ordinary stereo. The digital release is planned for May 24th 2024, and on the same day there will be a release concert at Katalin, Uppsala.More information about the project https://qlx.seMore information about mehttps://andreashellkvist.comSign up for the newsletter me here: #quadrophonic #leslie