Hellkvist Hammond Hour, September 24th (Note the time, 6:30 pm CET)

This weekend I’ll be travelling to my old hometown to attend a party on Saturday. Though, I didn’t want to skip another week of streaming, so I decided to do the stream at the party! It fits well into the setting, by giving the event a great start. I’ll be bringing my Hammond XK5.
So, I’m inviting you all to join the party with me! As usual, a wide array of grooves, moods and just good music. Come and join the fun!

Set list
0:00 Welcome
3:16 Theme from Starsky & Hutch
9:10 Get back
15:55 The Hellkvist Shuffle
21:00 The In Crowd
29:39 Hometown Glory
37:37 Limehouse blues
42:18 Crazy
48:06 Mercy, mercy, mercy
53:14 Intrduction of Pierre Swärd
58:43 Jam by Pierre Swärd

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