Guest at the HQ #3 with Ulf Holmberg, guitar player

This week’s guest at the HQ was my friend and guitar player Ulf Holmberg. We’ve been working and playing together in different ways for a number of years. We talk about Twang guitar, Happy Hammond, Elvis Presley and other stuff. The episode also contains 4 songs recorded in a session before the interview. Mostly somewhat of a revivakl of a band we had many years ago, with the focus on party jazz and the combination of Twang guitar and Hammond. It was so fun playing those tunes again!

More about Ulf:

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0:00 Intro
0:09 Introduction
1:41 Some history
5:31 Talking about Harlem Nocturne Ulfs
7:34 Cutting the bread
9:05 Harlem Nocturne (song)
13:49 Talking about Twang guitar
16:57 Talking about Time is tight
18:56 About our old band Feppe
21:23 Time is tight (Song)
25:58 About Elvis Presley and party jazz
33:39 Spinout (song)
36:56 Ulf’s other projects
44:08 Talking about Novelty Accordion and accordion jazz
48:14 Thank you
48:30 Novelty Accordion (song)

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