Guest at the HQ #1 – Nicke Widén, pedal steel guitarist

This is the start of a series that I’ve been longing to do for a long time. To bring my friends to the HQ, play a few songs, have some freshly baked bread and have a nice talk about anything and everything.

First up is Nicke Widén, a pedal steel guitarist that I have been playing with for many years. Though, this is the first time we record something in a trio format. Ever wondered how a B3 and a pedal steel sounds together? Check it out!
There are four songs embedded in the show. Below you have the chapters to each segment.

Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond B3
Nicke Widén – pedal steel
Daniel Olsson – drums

More about Nicke at

0:00 Introduction
8:37 Danny Boy
13:01 Talking about the pedal steel (and other things)
28:23 Sweet Georgia Brown
31:24 Playing the pedal and the Hammond (talk)
41:27 Talking about Elvis
45:43 Let me be there
48:48 Talking about other common interests
59:53 Hymn to freedom



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