Fall – Live at Carte Blanche Aug 27th, UKK, Uppsala, Trio X with Andreas Hellkvist

On Aug 27th I had the honor of being invited to a thing called Carte Blanche, arranged once a month in the concert hall of my hometown of Uppsala. Trio X, the house trio, invites a few guests that are not known to the audience before the concert.
This video starts where I have just been introduced to the audience while the intro to my song has been playing in the background.
I wanted to do the song, because I thought it would be beautiful with the piano trio and organ setting. Also, as Sweden is shifting into fall these very days the timing felt perfect in that sense too.
I so enjoyed this, hope you will too!

If you want the hear the original recording of the song, it’s available on my record Becoming

Andreas Hellkvist – Becoming


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