Andreas Hellkvist – Becoming

FPECD 001/ FPELP 001  Feppe records 2019 

Andreas Hellkvist offers, with compositions of his own, a fresh take on the sound and style of the jazz organ trio format. Centered around the organ, he is accompanied by Samuel Hällkvist on guitar and Daniel Olsson on drums. Together they create music that is both groovy and uplifting, heartfelt and deep.

Claes Janson – Ett ord till mina polare

Vax Records CD 1067  Vax Records 2018 

Claes Janson presents a variety of songs, some bluesy and heavy, some solemn and calm. Mosly original songs and Swedish lyrics. Arnesen Bluesband is the accompanying band on 4 of the songs

Trinity – Nuages

DMRCD 066  Do Music Records 2018 

Trinity’s 4th album, named after one of the songs. It also contains other beloved standards, as well as some of our own songs. one of the latter is my composition “Philosophical Sunday Walk”. Another one of my favorites is Skylark, to which I made a thorough reharmonization. The last song of the CD is the Swedish pop…

Elliot elliot – Sympathy breakthrough

 Elliot elliot 2017 

One day in the spring of 2015 I was called out of the blue by Elliot Elliot, who had written a song for his upcoming record and that he wanted to be recorded using Hammond and drums. It was a challenge getting it together, but I had a lot of fun doing it and the…

Andreas Hellkvist – Finally!

DMRCD 036  Do Music Records 2016 

My first album as a leader, featuring mostly my own songs, spanning the last 20 years of my musicianship. Me and Daneil Olsson play on all tracks and three different guitarists – Erik Söderlind, Samuel Hällkvist and Thomas Arnesen play on three songs each. By far my most ambitious production so far.

Mats Bergström – Fler sånger utan ord

 Naxos 2015 

More songs without words – Mats Bergström takes us on another journey with a fantastic roster of musicians and songs. I play on three tracks.

Trinity -THREE

DMRCD 014  Do Music Records 2014 

Trinity’s third album. It’s obvious that the years of touring have paid off. The trio is tighter than ever and the sound is better than ever.

Mats Bergström – Julsånger utan ord


The first release from my sessions with Mats Bergström. An instrumental Christmas record with a mix of classical, folk and jazz music. It features musicans like Georg Riedel and Andreas Öberg. I play the B3 on 4 tracks.

Trinity – Get Out

DMRCD 010  Do Music Records 2011 

Trinity’s second album shows a little more diversity and depth than the first. Carefully selected standards are still the core of the repertoire, however, this album also features compositions from all members of the trio.

Trinity – Paris Eyes

DMRCD 006  Do Music Records 2010 

Trinity’s debut album “Paris Eyes” and the extensive tour that followed established them on the jazz map of Sweden. The album contains mostly standards from the american songbook, however one original composition also is featured.

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