Valentine's eve livestream, Hammond for love

Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

February 13th, 2021 6:00pm Solo organ at Hellkvist HQ

Last year on Feb 13th, I I did a solo gig at my favorite pub in Uppsala called “Happy Duck”. It coincidentally was the day before Valentine’s so I thought I’d call the evening “Hammonf for love” and put together a set list for that. Now, a year later, my Saturday stream happened to be on the same date so I I pretty much knew what I wanted to do. I reused some of the set list but also added a few new songs.

Got some nice suggestions from friends during the week. Paul McCartney’s “My love” for example, that I hadn’t heard before. Also played some of my favorite love ballads like Linda Ronstadt’s “Feels like home” and Billy Preston’s “You are so beautiful”.

Also honoring the memory of Chick Corea the sadly passed away this week. His song “Windows” is one that I have always loved. It’s like a journey with its different parts and each chorus is a new adventure.

I give my love today to all of you watching the streams. I’m so happy to be able to do this and it warms my heart that you’re tuning in every Saturday.

Set list

  1. Love, love, love 2:46
  2. How sweet it is 9:51
  3. Windows 16:19
  4. Time after time 23:43
  5. Feels like home 31:08
  6. You are so beautiful 37:43
  7. Centerpiece 44:12
  8. My love 52:32
  9. Everybody needs somebody to love 58:21
  10. You make me feel like a natural woman 1:07:11


Hammond B3 -70