Jazz at the HQ - Boheme

Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

June 16th, 2021 8:00pm Boheme at Hellkvist HQ

Last stream before summer hiatus! It feels a bit sad but it’s also a little relesief. It has been quite hard work with the streams and I think a pause is necessary to recharge. Anyway, I think we’re going out with a bang. Boheme is a real power house. First of all, to have the Hammond and the Rhodes in the same trio is so great. I love the sound when they blend together. Also, it’s fun to have a vocalist. And the repertoire itself is really fun to play. It’s a party!

Set list

  1. High heel sneakers 2:34
  2. Watch the river flow 8:21
  3. Duffin’ ‘Round 15:23
  4. Don’t let me down 22:08
  5. Hot barbecue 28:56
  6. Higher ground 34:10
  7. I want you 40:27
  8. Undecided 46:44
  9. Georgia 52:40
  10. Compared to what 59:48