Live at the HQ

Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

August 5, 2021, 8:00 pm

For a number of years, I’ve had an ongoing collaboration with Norweigan friends Hans Bollandsås and Helene Misund. They live in the Trondhiem area so it’s not that close, but every once in a while we get together for a few concerts and some nice hang. This time they made the trip to Uppsala and we started out by doing a stream from the HQ. This was also the first time that drummer Ola Bothzén joined the group, which turned out great!

Let’s get together

We started out with one of my songs, Let’s get together. It was actually Hans that named this song a few years ago. When we played it at a concert he started singing to the groove “Let’s get together and have a good time”. So I took that as the title!

Same old boogie

Hans has put out a number of records in his own name. One of the later ones is called “Confession”, where this ong is featured. It has always been one of my favorites. Partly for the soul jazzy beat, and partly for the lyrics. It was the first time we played it for a number of years so I was so happy!

Angel from Montgomery

It’s nice to have two such distinct voices in a group. In this song it’s Helene’s turn to shine.

Anytime you want

A good shuffle is always a good idea! I like the energy in this song.


Help me make it through the night

Hans and Helene have their own project as well, called “Small Town Orchestra”, and this is a tune that they usually play there. I love this version of this country classic. Soft and groovy.

Too long now

This song is another one of my favorites among Hans’ tunes. I also love the ending, with the long vamp and guitar solo.

You can have my husband

As I said, A god shuffle is always a good idea!

Still crazy after all these years

A nice way to end the set with this Paul Simon classic.




Hans Bollandsås – guitar, vocals
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond organ
Helene Misund – vocals, percussion
Ola Bothzén – drums


Hellkvist HQ, Uppsala

Libro ringväg 8

752 28 Uppsala

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