Andreas Hellkvist Trio @ Uppsala Konsert & kongress, Uppsala

Andreas Hellkvist Trio @ Uppsala Konsert & kongress, Uppsala

What a joy playing my own music, with my own trio in my hometown! Though, there were some technical problems. I brought two leslies and in one of them, one of the wires to the bass jumped off so the bass went silent. Luckily we could finish using only the other cabinet. The concert was also filmed and will be available at Photo: 
Triple A @ Gamla riksarkivet, Stockholm

Triple A @ Gamla riksarkivet, Stockholm

Corporate gigs can be different, for better or for worse. This one was definitely for the better. No expenses spared. Beautiful old building, excellent food and drinks, music in almost every room. A choir, a balkan horn orchesta, a string quartet, a rock band - and a Hammond trio.
Ferlin i ord och musik i jazzton i Blidö kyrka

Ferlin i ord & musik i jazzton @ Blidö kyrka

Last church gig of the summer, on the island of Blidö in the northern archipelago. The mix of poery and jazz is quite insteresting since because we choose the music based on the poems, the span of the music stylistically is quite large.
Trinity Brännktyrka kyrka 23 aug 2018

Trinity @ Brännkyrka kyrka

The concerts at Brännkyrka kyrka are amazing. It usually crowded, people cheer, applaude and show appreciation in a way not so common at the churches. This time was no exception. A nice way to end the summer with Trinity.  
In the studio with Claes Janson and Thomas Arnesen

Recording with Claes Janson

We did two recording sessions for Claes Janson's new record, to be released this fall. Arnesen Blues band is recording the music, though it won't be announced as such on the record. I played my Hammond B3 custom with my Leslie 142P. 
Trinity Bergs kyrka 19 aug 2018

Trinity @ Bergs kyrka

A nice little church situated on the countryside some hour from Uppsala. It was the 3rd time we played here and each time has been really nice. 
Kent Wennman Elvis tribute @ Parksnäckan, Uppsala

Kent Wennman Elvis tribute @ Parksnäckan, Uppsala

The Elvis show in the middle of august each year is a nice tradition, especially since gospel choir Afro was there. In the first set however, there was a major technichal issue. Look at the picture and you'll how we fixed it. 
Funkups at Svartsö

Funk Up’s @ Svartsö

Wedding gig in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. We really had a blast. Funkups sich a nice band for parties!
Trinity relaxing Ystad

Trinity @ Ystad Jazz Festival

It was a long way to from Uppsala to Ystad, I'll admit that. But what an experience! The hotel was excellent, food superb, the concert was sold out and the weather great. It was like a combined vacation and work (as proven by the picture). And we got to release our 4th album, Nuages. Yay!
S.H.O.P at stampen. Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

S.H.O.P. @ Stampen, Stockholm

Erik Söderlind called me for a last minute gig at Stampen. We didn't have that much time to rehearse so we just played a whole evening of hard swinging organ jazz. What a delight! We had so much fun we decided to make a project and play more. It has been named S.H.O.P - Söderlind-Hellkvist Organ jazz Project.
With Ali Djeridi & Krister Andersson @ Valbo kyrka

With Ali Djeridi & Krister Andersson @ Valbo kyrka

A fun reunion! The three of us hadn't played together for at least 10 years. Hope it won't be that long until the next time.
Andreas Hellvksit Ali Djeridi in Stora Tuna kyrka

Ferlin i ord & musik i jazzton @ Stora Tuna kyrka

Playing in my hometown and the church where I have been many times growing up is always special. My friend Martin Pettersson took some very nice pictures. Doing this duo project with both music and poerty is both challenging and fun.  
Kiralina Trio in Slite kyrka July 10th 2018

Kiralina trio @ Silte kyrka

Last gig of the Gotland tour. Also this a nice little church on the countryside. 

Kiralina trio @ Etelhems krukmakeri

Back to where it all started. At this particular venue, me, Kiralina and Jesper played together for the first time a year earlier (almost to the day). My two leslies filled the room in such a nice way, and the cozyness of this venue certainly contributed to the mood. 
Kiralina Trio, Fiket, Burgsvik

Kiralina trio @ Fiket, Burgsvik

Premiere gig! I was really excited to get started with this trio, and it was just as fun as I had imagined. Due to some problems with my B3 I decided to bring my A100 with two leslies instead. It worked out really nicely. 
Trinity Sundbybergs kyrka 5 juli 2018

Trinity @ Sundbybergs kyrka

Nice church in Sundbyberg, outside Stockholm. Second time we played there. A few problems with the sound, but it worked out.
Gröndals kyrka 30 juni 2018

With Ali Djeridi & Anders Färdal @ Gröndals kyrka

Interesting to play the Trinity repertoire with a guitar instead of the trumpet. It worked really well! It was also the first time I played with Anders Färdal, and I hope it won't be the last. 
Trinity @ Stora kopparbergs kyrka, Falun

Trinity @ Stora kopparbergs kyrka, Falun

First church concert of the summer! Nice also to play new places. I've been in Falun many times (since it's the neighbouring town of my hometown), but never have been inside this church. 
Apan & Grisen @ Uppsala-Näs

Apan & Grisen @ Uppsala-Näs

Hammond wedding! I was asked to played during the ceremony and the preceding mingling at Uppsala-Näs church. A sweet spot on the countryside outside Uppsala. The picture is my view from the organ at the mingling part.
Arnesen-Hellkvist Experience @ Williams pub, Uppsala

Arnesen-Hellkvist Experience @ Williams pub, Uppsala

Birthday concert! Me and Thomas Arnesen (whose birthday is just 3 days before mine) debuted our fusion trio Arnesen-Hellkvist Experience. Daniel Olsson was playing drums. The most fun was playing Tribal Tech's "Nite Club", one of my favorite songs ever.
Funk Up's @ Mornington hotel, Stockholm

Funk Up’s @ Mornington hotel, Stockholm

This concert was literally on fire! The alarm went off twice forcing people out on the street, and fire trucks came both times as well. So you might say there was a bit of interruptions, but once we got going it was great.
Trinity, Hjorthagen 2018-05-22

Trinity @ Folkkulturcentrum, Hjorthagen

About every two years we play at Hjorthagen jazz club, hosted in the cozy retro style venue Folkkulturcentrum. A nice tradition.
Apan & Grisen @ Omnikvariatet, Uppsala

Apan & Grisen @ Omnikvariatet, Uppsala

It can be very inspiring to play in venues that aren't specifically concert halls, like this small book shop in en center of Uppsala. You squeeze in and just let the surroundings flow into whatever you're doing. I
Trinity Nuages

Trinity @ St. Eskils kyrka, Haninge

A short lunch concert at a church in Haninge, south of Stockholm. We also brought photograpther Palli Kristmundsson to take the pictures for our upcoming CD release. The picutre here is one from the shoot, although not the cover image for the CD.
Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In Concert @ Stampen, Stockholm

Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In Concert @ Stampen, Stockholm

A nice finish to this mini tour, but also a pity that it's over for this time. Can't wait to play with this trio again. Feels like we really got something going!
Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In Concert @ Hijazz Klubb, Uppsala

Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In Concert @ Hijazz Klubb, Uppsala

The second concert of the tour was at Hijazz Klubb in Uppsala. It was quite a contrast from the night before. Then, loud and noisy, and here more intimate. Both fun and  challenging in their own way. 

Hans Bollandsås & Andreas Hellkvist In Concert @ Borlänge House of Blues

First time I played at and even visited Borlänge House of blues. What a joy to see a dedicated music venue in my former hometown!  We had a blast on stage. A lot of old friends coming to see us. I put together a compilation of the concert. I think it well captures the spirit of the evening.
Trinity @ Atlantis studio, Stockholm

Trinity @ Atlantis studio, Stockholm

It has been way too long, but we finally recorded our fourth album. The Atlantis studio was truly an inspiring place to do it. We're planning a release in early August so our concert at Ystad Jazz festival will be the official release concert.
w. Ali Djeridi & Leo Lindberg @ Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm

w. Ali Djeridi & Leo Lindberg @ Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm

I love variations of the trio setting, and the organ and piano together is a really nice variant. It was the first time that I played with Leo Lindberg. We had a lot of fun, and I hope we'll get to do it again some time.

Arnesen Bluesband @ Williams Pub, Uppsala

First gig at this Uppsala pub. I've been there many times listening to friends play and sometimes just for a beer. Thomas had arranged for video and audio recording so here's one of the songs.