Hammond clinic

Hammond clinic

A presentation of the various aspects of playing the Hammond organ, aimed to improve the skill, plant new ideas, educate about the instrument and the origin of modern Hammond synths and clones. The clinic can be focus on different topics depending on age, level and interest of the students.

Andreas Hellkvist – Becoming

Swedish Hammond phenomenon Andreas Hellkvist offers, with his second solo album, a fresh take on the sound and the style of the organ trio format. A journey into jazz and neighboring genres with compositions of his own. The Hammond organ is in the center of course, but his fellow musicians Samuel Hällkvist on guitar and Daniel Olsson on drums, each in their own way, play significant roles in shaping the sound of the trio. Together they create music that is both groovy and uplifting, heartfelt and deep.

FPECD 001/ FPELP 001
Label: Feppe Records
Release date: 1 november 2019
Andreas Hellkvist – Hammond B3
Samuel Hällkvist – guitar
Daniel Olsson – drums
Recorded in January 2019 by Janne Jutila, Musikrum-1, Uppsala, Sweden
Mixed in April 2019 by Nicke Widén, Studio Ljudo, Uppsala, Sweden
Mastered in May 2019 by Eric James, Philosopher’s Barn Mastering, UK


Digital platforms

CDbaby (download)

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jazzjournal.co.uk (EN)

lira.se (SV)

Dalademokraten (SV)

jazz-fun.de (DE)

uppsalanyheter.se (SV)

OKEY magazine (DE)


” The listener can thank Hellkvist for having the skills of a lion-tamer.” jazzjournal.co.uk

“His connection to his guitarist and drummer is on a metaphysical level and it allows this music to transcend the page and float, effortlessly, within space.”, Pete Fallico, The Doodlin’ Lounge

“ett veritabelt ymnighetshorn av stämningar. ” – Orkesterjournalens förhandslyssning

” För en B3-fantast i allmänhet och för en klassisk Hammond-trio i synnerhet är Andreas Hellkvist inget annat än en femte evangelist. ” Lira


Andreas Hellkvist – Finally!

Release dateMay 27th 2016
Producer:Andreas Hellkvist & Daniel Lantz
Recorded atMusikrum-1, Uppsala, Sweden
Recording engineerJanne Jutila
LabelDo Music Records
PhotoPalli Kristmundsson
Andreas HellkvistHammond B3 (all tracks),
Fender Rhodes (4)
Daniel OlssonDrums (all tracks)
Erik Söderlindguitar (1,2,3)
Samuel Hällkvistguitar (5,6,7)
Thomas Arnesenguitar (9,10,11)

Reviews (mostly Swedish)

Orkesterjournalen: orkesterjournalen.com/wordpress/?p=10323
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Dalademokraten: andreashellkvist.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/DD_160527.jpg
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DigJazz: www.digjazz.se/Diggat.SvenskJazz2016.html#Andreas
Norran: norran.se/noje-kultur/musik/andreas-hellkvists-nya-skiva-finally-ger-hopp-for-en-bortglomd-jazzgenre-603031
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Kulturdelen: www.kulturdelen.com/2016/07/15/cd-finally-med-andreas-hellkvist
Lira: http://www.lira.se/skivrecension/finally/
Rootsy (just a listing): www.rootsy.nu/bastiar.php?id=11

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Finally! is available in different ways at a number of web sites. Here are a few of them:

CDBaby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/andreashellkvist
Bandcamp: https://andreashellkvist.bandcamp.com/releases
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3TT6zjywHYYEdanrRgAvrO
OKEY: http://shop.mautnermedien.de/tontraeger/cds/jazzorgel-bluesorgel/23/andreas-hellkvist-finally?c=14

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About the musicians

Andreas Hellkvist skivinspelning Daniel Olsson

Daniel Olsson

Daniel has always been one of my favorite drummers and we have played together in different groups for about 15 years. When I was planning the record, the first thing I knew was that I wanted him to be the drummer. For the mix of beat and swing that comprises the album I knew that be would be the perfect fit.

Because of the record, we’ve been playing much more than usually and that’s really fun. Also, as a side project we’ve started to play as a duo, where most of the songs from the album fit nicely.

Andreas Hellkvist skivinspelning Erik Söderlind

Erik Söderlind

Erik has for some years been the rising star of Swedish jazz guitar, ever increasing his fame and reputation, and by many considered to be among the best that Sweden has to offer. He recently released his third solo album and is continuously praised by critics and audience.

I got to know him some years ago, but before the recording of the album we actually hadn’t played any gig together. When it comes to “classic” jazz guitar there’s no one I’d rather have on my album, so I’m very glad he accepted my invitation.

Check out his website as well: eriksoderlind.com

Samuel Hällkvist

Samuel Hällkvist

Samuel grew up not too far from my hometown and we got to know each other at the local jazz venue. We did our first gig together in the summer of 1998, and since then we’ve played together now and then. Though, we moved to live quite far from one another so it has unfortunately not been that often.

You might notice that our last names are quite similar. In fact, in Swedish they are pronounced the same while spelled differently. To my knowledge, though, we are not related in any way.

I have always admired his musicality, his imaginative ability and pure technical skills. Stylisticly it’s sometimes hard to define what he does, and that’s what I like. He is just his own, and I think he brings really a unique quality to the songs where he plays. So I’m really thrilled to have him on the record!

Do check out his other stuff as well!

Samuel’s website: samuelhallkvist.com

Andreas Hellkvist skivinspelning Thomas Arnesen

Thomas Arnesen

For more than four decades, Thomas has been an established guitar player in a variety of settings, touring and recording with different artists, bands and his own projects. As he says himself, it’s the blues that is his favorite music, and it is as a blues guitarist that I know him best.

I first heard him with Kjell Öhman Organ Grinders, which were among the first records I listened to when I began to play the organ. About 14 years ago he asked me to join a blues band he was starting, and this was the beginning of a great musical cooperation and friendship. Arnesen Bluesband is still playing and I’m very happy about that. After 14 years he can still surprise and amaze me and just blow me away!

I wanted Thomas to be on the record to add his touch to some of the songs. I knew that the songs would be right up his alley and he really brought it!

Check out Arnesen Bluesband as well: arnesenbluesband.se

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Andreas Hellkvist Trio

Andreas Hellkvist Trio

My own group, playing mostly my own music. A traditonal format with organ, guitar and drums, but with a fresh take on sound and style. In a way hard to label, but it merges elements of jazz, fusion, gospel and popular music.
The trio features the inspiring sounds and playing of guitarist Samuel Hällkvist, and the exquisit drums of Daniel Olsson.

Apan & Grisen

Apan & Grisen

The Hammond organ and the drums. Two instruments that, when combined, provides almost unlimited possibilities to create various kinds of music. Andreas Hellkvist and Daniel Olsson explore these possibilities in different styles, depending on mood and occasion.

This duo works both for concerts and for soft background music. Depending on the size of the organ and drums used this duo can be compressed to fit into almost any corner.