Nedan finns de konstellationer som passar för kyrkkonserter. Hör av er om något verkar intressant eller vid eventuella frågor!

Kiralina Salandy & Andreas Hellkvist

A dynamic duo in the true sense of the word. Two expressive personalities meet in the music of gospel, soul and blues.

Claes Janson & Andreas Hellkvist

A voice, a hammond organ and gems from Claes’ whole repertoire.
One of Sweden’s most beloved voices with one of the most vistuoso organists. It simply can’t go wrong.


Trinity is mainly a jazz trio, playing jazz standards mixed with some originals. However , the repertoire can vary a little depending on the venue. We play mainly jazz clubs, festivals, churches, schools and homes for elderly. This trio has over the years developed an intimate, almost telepathic interplay. Regardless of whether it’s evergreens, pop songs or originals, the Trinity sound is there. Sometimes intense and loud, sometimes soft and whispering.

Kiralina trio

A gospel trio, mostly focusing on the traditional repertoire of Mahalia Jackson and others. In this trio, Kiralina returns to her gospel roots, elegantly backed by the Hammond and the drums, played by Jesper Kviberg.
In addition to gospel concerts, this trio can also provide music for events, dinners and such.

Solo organ

Playing all by yourself is fun because of the freedom ti brings. It allows you to play any song, follow every whim and do what ever you feel. Also challenge of course since there no one to lean on and interact with. The solo organ works both for backgorund music and for concerts.