Apan & Grisen

apangrisen_coverAndreas Hellkvist – organ
Daniel Olsson – drums

The Hammond organ and the drums. Two instruments that, when combined, provides almost unlimited possibilities to create various kinds of music. Rooted in jazz, Andreas Hellkvist and Daniel Olsson explore these possibilities, ranging from the wild and furious to the tender and sensitive, from swinging jazz to folkloristic tones and funky beats.

Andreas is the perfect organ player in this setting. With an outstanding technique, soulful playing and exceptional footwork on the pedals he makes the organ fill the room and create sounds, grooves and interesting melodies. Some of his youtube clips have hundreds of thousands of views and people all over the world has marvelled at his way of playing the organ.

Daniel Olsson at the drums gives the duo another dimension, being a relentless groove machine, perceptive accompanist and a brilliant soloist, all mixed up with a slice of insanity. They fit together perfectly, both with a musicianship full of passion, spontaneity and versatility.

Andreas Hellkvist and Daniel Olsson has been playing together for a number of years in different settings. In 2014, during some recordings of Andreas’ music, this duo project was born. The repertoire consists mainly of Andreas’ songs, although mixed with jazz standards and other songs.

Apan & Grisen (Monkey and the pig) is the name of the duo. Who’s who? They won’t tell…

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Below are some samples. Enjoy!

First up, “Headin’ Downtown” (Hellkvist)

“Danslåten (Dancing song)” (Hellkvist)

“Up And Away” (Hellkvist)

“Jesus” (Hellkvist)

Compilation from a gig on Feb 5th, 2015 in Uppsala

Compilation from a gig on Jan 14th, 2015 in Tallinn.

“The Hellkvist Shuffle” (Hellkvist)

“Morgonkaffe” (Hellkvist)

“Snowflakes” (Hellkvist)

“Piecewise Continuity” (Hellkvist)


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Upcoming shows

  • February 23rd, 2018, 7:00pm
    BB King Tribute w. Claes Janson & Thomas Arnesen
    Ystads teater, Ystad
  • February 24th, 2018, 8:00pm
    BB King Tribute w. Claes Janson & Thomas Arnesen
    Munthe jazzklubb, Karlshamn
  • March 14th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Funk Up’s
    Scalateatern, Stockholm
  • March 24th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Bollsta Folkets Hus, Kramfors
  • April 7th, 2018, 4:00pm
    Ludvika kyrka, Ludvika
  • April 7th, 2018, 10:00pm
    Funk Up’s
    Private gig, Stockholm
  • April 14th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Arnesen Bluesband
    Williams Pub, Uppsala
  • May 7th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Hans Bollandsås
    Stampen, Stockholm
  • May 8th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Hans Bollandsås
    House of blues, Borlänge
  • May 22nd, 2018, 7:30pm
    Folkkulturcentrum, Hjorthagen
  • May 24th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Funk Up’s
    Mornington hotell, Stockholm
  • June 2nd, 2018,
    Apan & Grisen
    Private gig, Uppsala
  • June 27th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Stora Kopparbergs kyrka, Falun
  • June 30th, 2018,
    Gröndals kyrka, Gröndal
  • July 5th, 2018,
    Sundbybergs kyrka, Sundbyberg
  • July 8th, 2018,
    Kiralina, Andreas & Jesper
    Etelhems krukmakeri, Etelhem
  • July 17th, 2018,
    BB King Tribute w. Claes Janson & Thomas Arnesen
    Falkenberg Jazz Festival, Falkenberg
  • August 3rd, 2018,
    Ystad Jazz Festival, Ystad
  • August 11th, 2018,
    Funk Up’s
    Private gig, Stockholm
  • August 15th, 2018, 7:00pm
    Kent Wennman Elvis tribute
    Parksnäckan, Uppsala
  • August 19th, 2018, 6:00pm
    Bergs kyrka, Hallstahammar

Latest shows

  • February 16th, 2018, 8:00pm
    Guest artist
    Jazzbaren, Upplands nation, Uppsala
  • February 4th, 2018, 5:00pm
    Mälarhöjdens kyrka, Stockholm
  • January 27th, 2018, 7:30pm
    BB King Tribute w. Claes Janson & Thomas Arnesen
    Hallsbergs jazzklubb, Hallsberg
  • January 8th, 2018, 7:30pm
    Funk Up’s
    Globen, Stockholm
  • December 20th, 2017, 2:30pm
    Parkgården, Västerås
  • December 14th, 2017, 3:00pm
    Herrgärdets mötesplats/ servicehus, Västerås
  • December 14th, 2017, 1:30pm
    Skiljeboporten, Skiljebo mötesplats, Västerås
  • December 4th, 2017, 2:30pm
    Oxbackens mötesplats, Västerås
  • December 4th, 2017, 1:00pm
    Bäckby mötesplats, Västerås
  • November 29th, 2017, 8:00pm
    Nanna Sveinsdottir
    Katalin, Uppsala